Welcome to the technical revolution in paper cup machine through the most efficient and effective technology thus far. The aim of this site is for our prospective clients to browse and provide your valuable enquiry to know more. Further we wish you a gainful venture on high scale productivity through our Cupstar paper cup machine.

Why Cupstar

Based on 12 years of experience in handling customer complaints, we understood the most common issues and the same have been rectified and culminated as CupStar with innovative features like auto lubrication, SMS alerts on productivity, chain tension block and a lot more. Ultimately increase your productivity by 30% paper cups machine !

Our Services

We strongly believe that a prosperous client is a long standing client. Since we understand that your business development would ensure better business for us we provide overall guidance for your business process. Therefore when you buy CupStar, you buy an end-to-end business solution by just paying the paper cup machine price.

Bank Loan

Every entrepreneur needs loans and venture capitals. The industrial banking revolution has opened numerous possibilities for loan and capital back-up support for your project. We ensure to provide the necessary documentation in order to remove nearly half the hassle for your banking requirements to purchase our paper cup making machine.

Paper Cup Making Machine in Chennai

As a part of our revolutionary sales and service campaign we have successfully installed over 100 machines in Chennai to nurture and develop growing entrepreneurs. The challenges and feedbacks garnered through a continuous client satisfaction process has crowned in both our updated technology and CRM method as well. Those of you who have chosen to venture out into purchasing a paper cup making machine in Chennai the most competitive and efficient facilities are provided by CupStar in the most hassle free manner. The valuable feedback and constant business referrals provide testimony to our advanced technology and the personal care we insure upon each and every one of our esteemed clients. This in turn has made us the most friendly installation providers in the industry as per our client views. Our fully functional units in Chennai have contributed to increased productivity and high quality standards to the entire manufacturing community at large.

Paper Cup Making Machine in Coimbatore

Being one of the most developed industrial communities and with the fame of the highest growth rate in industrial innovation, Coimbatore is termed as the hub of manufacturing revolution in South India. The incessantly launching IT corporations and the floating population of the city and its surrounding suburbs demand a high volume of paper cups on a daily basis. Though there are many manufacturers in the same domain, the need for quality to compete with its contenders in the other developed cities of the nation calls for an equally advanced technology in the manufacturing process. The imminent choice for a paper cup making machine in Coimbatore would be CupStar due to our post sales services and installation benefits in an ever before responsive manner. The immediate availability of our service engineers and the efficient complaint attending system would reduce the entire stress out of your production process.

Paper Cup Making Machine in Tamilnadu

With the spur of the process and the on the business go, there are perhaps hundreds of manufacturers who have ebbed and flowed in the mammoth flow of the manufacturing industry of Tamil Nadu. The never-ending spirit of these southern Indians to reach for the best productivity rations is the unique reason for the state to top the charts in growth rate. Consumer durable manufacturing is the most sought after industry due to the immense demand of the visiting and resident population. Paper cups have now become the need of the products and an indispensible need due to its ease of use and ease of disposal. The cumulative effect of this necessity had been the driving force behind the making of the best Paper Cup Making Machine in Tamil Nadu. Our organization boasts of being one of the oldest and trend setting providers with a vast sales and service expanse to reach even the unknown crevices of this state and wining customer satisfaction.

Paper Cup Making Machine in India

Food consumption is one of the most famed luxuries you may find in this subcontinent. With the innumerable cuisines available to choose from, every Indian could proudly claim to have plated more than 257 different gastronomies in this nation. With the consumption comes the issue of disposal that led to the inception of disposable cutlery. As a part of these products, the usage of paper cups had caught up and ever been on the upscale in India. As anyone in the industry could remember the flawed and stick-up cups of the past decade, the modern paper cups could be counted as a huge leap in technology made possible through the innovation of high-tech Paper Cup Making Machine in India. This modernism is being successfully spearheaded by one of the most prominent names, A1 paper cups. The endorsement to the top standards of quality and service is evident from the reception and commendation of over 650 installations all over the country and thus established efficiency based relationship with our clients.


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Chain Tenstion

The energy transit structure of CupStar needs a perfect dampening and anchoring system and the same has been provided with high quality springs.

Auto Lubrications

Timely lubrication is the life blood of any machinery. CupStar automatically pumps in the lubricant oil every four hours for uniform lubrication.

Touch Screen

Ergonomic controls have now transformed the entire manufacturing process reducing the operation time by a huge leap.

SMS- Alert

CupStar provides you with accurate production data right on your mobile phone any time with detailed data accessible on the internet as well.