Paper Cup Machine Manufacturers

The manufacturing industry is as evolved as the machinery used. In this era of globalization competing with international standards is inevitable. In order to be an active player in the qualified manufacturing sector, the production base needs to be on par with the factories in developed countries. Though this goal cannot be ideally achieved for many other industries, A1 Paper Cups have taken it upon their yolk to improve the production standards for our Paper cups making machine. The inception of CupStar had raised the benchmark for quality amongst Indian Paper cup machine manufacturers. With high standard design and exceptional operating ease, the launching of Paper cup machine in Chennai has showered us with compliments from both our clients and peers. The mammoth achievement of over 650 installations after its initial run has been our path of success ever since the first installation of Paper cup machine in Madras.

Technical Specifications of CupStar Supreme

Paper Material
180-230 single coated or double coated paper
Specification of Paper Cup
4oz – 12oz Adjustable Mould
Total Power
220V 50Hz 4.8Kw/380V-420V 50Hz 4.8Kw
Overall Dimensions

Paper Cup Machinery

The theories of achieving increased productivity point to three golden rules of manufacturing namely reduced human errors, increased productivity and minimum breakdowns. These three needs have been successfully addressed by A1 Paper Cups through our unique CupStar Automatic paper cup making machine. While the end to end paper cup making process is seamlessly completed by the fully automated machine the need for human labor is reduced by a huge margin to reduce possible human errors. Further the possibility of a complete breakdown is reduced to a minimum by many fail proof measures installed in the construct of CupStar. While the need for paper cups and other disposable cutlery is felt the most in urban centers of the country, growing small towns are exceedingly competing to be our maximum demand clients in the recent times as well. One such example could be Paper cup machine in Tiruchirappalli installed in many locations to cater to the needs of the semi-urban city of historical fame in Tamil Nadu. This has proven to be a financially successful venture as well based on the most justified and gainful paper glass making machine cost as provided by CupStar.

Paper Cup Machine Coimbatore

If we analyze the reason behind a healthy increase in installations of Paper cup machine Coimbatore, it will be evident that the city has an overwhelming number of food stalls and mini restaurants in every street and corner. Therefore the use of disposable cutlery is on a huge volume. The use of plastic and glass as raw materials has been the norm of the recent past. It is commonly known that these materials are not biodegradable and recycling costs make it commercially impractical for its occurrence. Therefore most of these materials end up in adding to the ever-on-high pollution pile of the city. As a counter measure many ecofriendly organizations and small business owners have decided to use paper cups thus instilling a need for paper cups on a high scale of demand. The conventional manual and semi-automatic machines are unable to meet this demand in both quality and quantity. Therefore the need for High speed paper cup machine is the foremost eye catcher for any new entrepreneur in this city thereby requiring installations for Paper cup machine Coimbatore on a huge volume.


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